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‘I’m not sure that any of your disguises work Mr Rennie.’ Lara was feeling slightly anxious but chose to act assertively. Rennie was momentarily surprised by the response and his smile vanished. Standing straight, away from the window, he moved close enough to be knowingly uncomfortable; then he leaned in that extra inch or two to steal all ease. Lara was about an inch taller in her heels, a usual source of reassurance, but this man seemed to be all around her as he whispered with hot breath into her ear.

‘I know all about you young lady so don’t get so cocky with me. I know about your disguises; your whips and your games, but I won’t be kneeling to you or cowering because you pretend to be cool and emotionless. I won’t be tied and slapped by the likes of you. I hit back or I hit first, and let me assure you, you will know that you have been hit. When I put you on your knees you won’t be standing again; ever!’

As he finished his sentence he allowed his tongue to slide across her cheek and she felt herself frozen to the spot. Rennie stepped back, a beaming smile across his face, and raised a hand as though departing an old friend. As Lara stood motionless, the dampness almost burning into her cheek, Rennie began to turn then paused.

‘Give my regards to Dr Andrews and tell him I’ll be in touch. Lovely to see you Lara, I hope we can get together again soon.’ With that a non-descript male in a baseball cap and sunglasses turned the corner into the crowds and away. Lara remained rooted to the spot, her earlier good mood destroyed and replaced by coldness and fear. Reaching to her cheek she slowly wiped away the vile trace of his contact and slowly sobbed, holding tight to stop from wailing loudly.










Rennie! Jesus Christ that’s Rennie! …He’s Back! Mark Rennie: Serial killer or wronged man? Rehabilitated academic or murderous con-man? Aldous Andrews’ redemption or his nemesis? Amidst copycat killings, sensational newspaper allegations, televised confrontations and macabre messages carved into skin, DCI Marlin and Aldous Andrews must team up to investigate once again. Lives and reputations are risked in terrifying race to uncover the truth.


The second book in the Andrews/Marlin Trilogy available to buy now!