Rennie! Jesus Christ that’s Rennie! …He’s Back! Mark Rennie: Serial killer or wronged man? Rehabilitated academic or murderous con-man? Aldous Andrews’ redemption or his nemesis? Amidst copycat killings, sensational newspaper allegations, televised confrontations and macabre messages carved into skin, DCI Marlin and Aldous Andrews must team up to investigate once again. Lives and reputations are risked in terrifying race to uncover the truth.


The second book in the Andrews/Marlin Trilogy available to buy now!


If you haven’t bought it, buy it. If you have, buy it again. You see now why it’s writing and not marketing.

WDKYN_v1 (1)

It was only visible for an instant. Less a sound as a breath aloud, an echo when the first sound was nought. She was aware of the ground rushing up to meet her, but the first contact would remain a mystery. The muffled ‘oh’ of her involuntary sigh merged with the piercing flashes of colour that fringed her view. The pain, both heavily dull and sharply intense, dispensed with all other considerations.

Then the silence, the terrifying, numbing silence. A warm sweet sensation invaded her mouth, over her tongue, on her lips. That strange

Death’s Lacuna – Coming in 2014

The girl pulled down her dress, but it only emphasised its shortness. Her furrowed brow and worried eyes caught Rennie’s attention.
‘You recognise me?’ Though staring intently his voice was low and controlled.
‘You do look familiar. Are you on the telly?’
‘You could say that.’
‘So you’re famous? Should I know your name?’
‘I have a public image, but no, you shouldn’t know my name. Now what do they call you?’
‘Well Angel, that dress isn’t going to take itself off, is it?’
‘We are impatient aren’t we…er?’
‘Call me…er…call me Al, ha.’
‘What’s so funny?’ The girl could not hide her anxiety in this man’s presence. He emanated something strange that she could not quite determine, but it made her skin crawl.
‘It’s a private joke dear, don’t worry.’
Kicking her dress aside she decided it was best to just get this over with. She ran her hands slowly down her body, whilst summoning a smile and speaking in her best approximation of a seductive voice.
‘So what do you want to do?’
Again his awful grin, totally lacking in any warmth.
‘You have no idea what I want to do.’ Unblinking he walked towards her.